Adult content modeling agency

Frequently asked questions

  1. What does FFM do?
    FFM is primarily a creator of online adult content for multiple sites as well as proprietary sites.
  2. Can I see the content FFM has created?
    Because we sell our content, most of our work is sold off and we are not legally able to show without permission.
  3. Does FFM Do Porn?
    FFM does do porn. We do from soft core elegant lingerie type photography all the way to hard core porn. Currently FFM is in the process of developing new sites and we are seeking new models for those sites.
  4. So do I have to have sex if I do work for FFM?
    No. Models can choose what they are comfortable with doing. Some models only want to do some topless work and other are open to doing more.
  5. So how much will I be paid?
    Pay for model's work is based on the level of work they do. The more they do sexually, the more the per scene rate will be. Models can make a very wide range per scene starting out. Rates also depend on the client and what they are offering for specific type of work.
  6. Am I required to be tested for STDs? Am I safe?
    If you are going to do work that involves sex, you will be required to provide a recent STD test (within 15 days). Otherwise all work will require protection. All actors are tested and 100% safe.
  7. What is the process to getting started?
    First you must submit all your information and pictures. Once you have been contacted, we will have you come in for an recorded interview and see how you are in front of camera. Once we finish audition, we will discuss what work we have for you and what it will pay.
  8. How long do I have to wait to be paid?
    You will be paid when you work day is completed.